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Returns & Guarantees

Returns Policy

On the rare occasion a product is faulty or fails to work as it should, we can provide a refund, repair, replacement or other remedy as outlined below, depending on what's wrong and if the product is new or under warranty.

If you want to return an item for repair / refund / replacement, always contact us first to get the return approved, otherwise we can't take any action when we receive it.

AllGroom respects and understands your rights. All replacements and refunds are subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act for personal, domestic or household purposes, not for business use. We honour the Consumer Guarantees Act and any relevant consumer rights legislation. 

Some products come with an additional warranty, typically 12 months for eletrical items such as dryers and clippers. Check the product information on our website, or the paperwork or instructions received with your order to find out what warranty applies.

Whether we repair, replace or refund etc will depend on what the problem is and what is required to resolve it. 

For approved change of mind returns, AllGroom reserves the right to determine if a product is received in resaleable condition and approve/decline a replacement or refund accordingly.

If you believe you have a faulty product but it's outside the product warranty period, contact us anyway as we may still be able to assist.

If in doubt, or you think special circumstances may apply to your situation, please do contact us anyway as we'd like the chance to put it right.

I have received the wrong item(s)

In the unlikely event that we sent you the wrong item by mistake, we'll replace it asap with the correct item to match what you ordered.

To receive your replacement: 

1. Do not unpack or use the product. Contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.

2. We'll arrange for the wrong item to come back to us at ur cost. Please take care to send items back in brand new condition (unopened, unused, packaging intact).

Important: Please return items within 7 working days of receiving the prepaid courier bag or courier ticket. For larger / bulky items, we may arrange a courier to pick-up from you.

3. We'll send the correct items asap - sent at no extra shipping cost of course.

Always contact us right away so we can put it right asap.

I have ordered the wrong item(s)

Please choose carefully! If unsure, read the product description, check our help section, or call us for advice before you purchase. Ensure what you order is what you want.

However - although we do not have to accept items back by law if you change your mind - we may still be able to help if you realise you've ordered the wrong item after you receive it... 

1. Do not unpack, use or test the item. First contact us and explain your situation within 7 days of receiving your order.

2. If your return is approved (we'll confirm in writing), go ahead and order the product you meant to order*

3. We'll send you the product you meant to order, and let you know where to send back the product you don't want. Return the unwanted item to us within 7 days.

*Important, please note:

  • Change of mind returns are normally refunded minus a restocking fee
  • When the returned item arrives, we'll check it's 100% brand new, unused, and able to be re-sold as new (at our discretion).
  • The refund is put back on the same method of payment you used for your order.
  • Always contact us first. Do not send items back without an approved return (unexpected returns are usually returned to the sender).
  • Do not send returns to our PO Box - or post returns to our physical returns address - these are usually unable to be delivered to us and get returned to the sender.

Please order carefully. If you have ordered the wrong item the freight charges to return / swap the item are at your cost. 

My item(s) were damaged in transit

As with any online order or products sent by a third party like a courier company, please always check your order on arrival. Look for any sign of damaged packaging.

Do not sign for a damaged item. Always write 'damaged' and your name in the area you sign for delivery.

Take photos of the damage and notify us immediately (within 24 hrs) so we can lodge a claim for you.

When it's approved we'll usually send you a new product for free, or you might prefer to keep it for a discount. The solution will depend on the product and the level of damage, so always contact us for your options. 

Email the photos to or send them via Facebook Message on our Facebook page >

IMPORTANT: If you signed for a damaged delivery without making note that it arrived damaged, it usually removes your (and our) ability to make a claim with the courier company.

The item(s) I ordered ARRIVED faulty

We pride ourselves on the quality of the goods we provide and they should not arrive faulty. 

We will usually bring the item back at our cost asap, then test, repair or replace it depending on the fault.

If an item has arrived faulty, follow these steps: 

1. First contact us and explain your situation within 7 days of noticing the fault. Do not use / continue to use a faulty item. It may be unsafe or may cause damage.

2. We'll approve your return in writing and organise for the item to come back to us at our cost (either by prepaid courier bag, or for larger items we'll arrange a driver to collect it from you) 

Important: Please return items to AllGroom with 7 days of receiving the prepaid tickets, or advise if an extension is required. 

3. Once our repairer's has a chance to inspect your item, it will usually be repaired or replaced if a repair is not possible, free of charge, depending on the cause of the fault.

If you return goods to AllGroom without an approved return, we will be unable to take any action and the item will be returned to the sender.

I have used a product I bought from AllGroom but it is now faulty

We carry a wide range of spare parts where wear and tear is expected. We do not have spare parts for every part on every product however, so always contact us before you send a product back.

Some items may not be able to be repaired, such as broken blade teeth and dropped scissors.

If the item is faulty due to misuse or wear and tear, there may be a fee for the spare parts and the repair. Always contact us first.

Products that come with a manufacturer's warranty will have this information displayed on or inside the packaging.

A warranty provides assurance for manufacturing defects or faults (such as materials and/or workmanship) for a specified duration valid from your purchase date. They don't cover normal wear and tear, expected damage due to normal use, broken blade teeth, product misuse or incorrect storage. 

If you require a service or repair that is covered by the product warranty:

1. First contact us within 7 days of noticing the fault. 

2. If the return / repair is approved, we'll normally arrange it to come back to us at our cost (dpeending on the cause and if it's under warranty).

Important: Return the item to us within 7 days of receiving the prepaid courier bag, or prepaid return ticket. 

3. Once our repairer's has a chance to inspect your item, it will usually be repaired or replaced if a repair is not possible, free of charge, depending on the cause of the fault.

Important - please note:

  • We can't act until our repairer has had a chance to inspect the item to determine the cause of the fault.
  • In most cases the remedy will be a repair or a replacement if a repair is not possible, or cannot be done within a reasonable time period.
  • Allow at least 7 working days for the repair once the item is received.  

Warranty claims: Any item purchased and still under warranty, which you believe to be faulty or damaged, MUST be returned directly to AllGroom. Sending it to a third party repair service, or personally tampering / opening / trying to fix the item yourself, or disassembling it / opening it / taking it apart, will usually void the warranty

Blunt blades: It's important to note that clipper blades can become blunt very quickly, in a matter of minutes, if used on a dirty / sandy / dusty coat. To keep your blades sharper for longer, always brush, wash, dry and comb the coat before clipping. Normal wear on blades is considered general usage, just like tyres on a car. Blunt blades are not normally covered under warranty unless a manufacturing defect is detected.  

I have changed my mind - can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds if you have changed your mind and no longer want an item. Please choose carefully and check what you order is what you want.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong item, you can order the right item instead, and may then be able to return the wrong item fr a refund minus a restocking fee.

See the answer for I have ordered the wrong item(s) above for more details.

My blade’s teeth have broken

As blade teeth damage is not covered by blade or comb manufacturer warranties, please take extra care when using any length or brand of blade with a comb attachment, and take care to avoid dropping or knocking blades or combs. Very short blades, like the #30 and #40, have much finer teeth, so can be more prone to damage. We recommend only using #10 or #15 blades under comb attachments.  

Check your comb attachments regularly. The teeth can become distorted, bent, or go out of alignment over time from normal use, or due to a knock or drop, causing the comb teeth hitting the blade teeth during use. This is the most common cause of blade teeth damage. Regularly check blades for a secure fit on all your blades, as if a comb moves or slips during use this can also knock or break blade teeth. Old combs may also not fit new blades as securely, so take extra care when using new blades to check your combs fit well, are straight and secure before use.

Only use combs on the blade lengths they are rated for (comb attachments do not fit all blade lengths). Avoid putting pressure on the comb attachment during use. Follow the direction of the coat growth. Avoid use on coats that have not been washed, dried and combed first. Avoid comb attachments on knotted or tangled coats – these can also cause the comb teeth to bend, or the comb to come loose, shift or slide during use.

Always take extra care not to drop or knock any blade. Although the metal blades are made of is tough and durable, the teeth are sharp and fine, and can be damaged even by a small knock or a drop, even from a small height or when placed down without care or on the wrong angle. When sending blades for sharpening, always wrap them well and wrap each individually.

The teeth of my thinning scissors are hitting against each other

Using thinners often requires a different technique than you may be used to if you have not had training. If you find the teeth of brand new thinners, blenders or chunkers feel like they hit or grate against each other as you cut, you may need to try a different hand position. This is usually because you are applying pressure incorrectly (to one side or the other), with your finger or thumb, causing the teeth to touch.

Seeking professional advice or training is highly recommended before continuing to use any thinner where the teeth hit or grate as you may otherwise damage your thinner. 

If you believe the cause is due to a fault however, see the advice above for when a product arrives faulty.

My clipper / dryer / trimmer / charger cord is damaged 

Cord damage can be common on any corded electrical device. Hairdryers, phone chargers, headphones, charging docks, clippers etc. This is typically due to the cord being bent or twisted where it goes in to the appliance housing, either during use or more often during storage, especially for devices stored with the cord wrapped around the appliance. Cord damage can be difficult to avoid over time and is considered wear and tear, however although it is not covered by product warranties, you can usually get it repaired - and reduce the chance of it happening again - rather than having to buy a brand new appliance.

Avoiding cord damage: Store corded appliances with the cord straight, especially where the cord goes into the housing. Clippers often come with a built-in hook to hang the clipper from.  Never wrap the appliance's cord around the device.  Do not hang devices up by their cord.  Avoid pulling devices by the cord during use (common with dryers and vacuum cleaners).  If you cannot avoid storing a device with the cord wrapped up, leave a length of the cord straight where it goes into the device, and loosely wrap the remainder of the cord.  Also be mindful of what you do with the cord during use and avoid bending or bunching the cord during use if possible.

Repairing cord damage: Depending on the type of appliance and the cause, your local electrician or appliance repairer should be able to re-terminate the cord (reducing the length just enough to remove the damaged area and re-connect it), which avoids having to buy a new cord, or a whole new device.  If re-termination is not possible, you can buy a replacement cord set for most clippers.  AllGroom carries spares for most models we sell, such as the SMC, AGC and Wahl - or your local repairer may have a standard cord they can supply.  

Important: Safety first! If you suspect any electrical device has a damaged cord - whether visible or not (the damage may be internal where the cord has bent or frayed inside the appliance housing) - do not continue to use the device until it has been checked by a professional, repaired or replaced.  

Order fulfillment / Out of stocks

We do our best to keep our stock levels up to date and accurate - but sometimes there may be a difference between the website and our physical stock on hand. In the rare case where an order cannot be fulfilled due to no physical stock - and if the product is shown as in-stock on the site - we'll let you know ASAP by email.

You can then decide to either cancel your order and accept a full refund OR if the products are not far away, you could go ahead with the order and we'll send it as soon as we receive it (you will be provided with an approximate delivery date of your order).

Pricing mistake or price increase

Despite our best efforts, a product may occasionally be priced incorrectly. This could occur under a number of circumstances. If we discover an item's correct price is higher than our stated price online, we will either contact you for instructions before shipping (you may need to pay the extra if you still want the product), or you can cancel your order for a refund. 

When a product that is out stock, comes back in to stock, the price may go up or down from the old price listed. This depends on factors like the exchange rate and NZ dollar, supplier price, shipping and customs costs. We can't guarantee that new orders will be the same price as the last order was, but do our best to always have the lowest advertised prices in NZ for all our products.  

Re-Stocking fee

If an item cannot be repaired or replaced, is returned under warranty for a credit or refund, or you ordered the wrong item by accident and have since ordered the correct item, it will incur a restocking fee. For items over $100 - the fee is either $30 or 10% of the cost of the product, whichever is greater will be applied. For items valued up to $100, the restocking fee is $20 or 20% of the cost of the product, whichever is greater will be applied. The restocking fee covers all admin associated costs for re-sale. This option is only available provided the item can be resold at our discretion.

Always contact us for a return approval first before returning any product/s. 

If in doubt, or you think special circumstances apply to your situation, please do contact us as we'd like the chance to put it right.