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Wahl KM2 Clipper with Carry Case


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The Wahl KM2 2 speed corded clipper for professional & home use. 2 speeds: 2,400 and 3,000 RPM.  Fan cooled rotary motor. Comes with Wahl #10 blade (1.8mm) included free, valued at over $70. Carry case included also. This is an A5 model detachable blade clipper, so it fits all universal comb attachments by any brand (available separately), and all standard A5 style blades by all brands, from size 50 (under 1mm) to size 3 blades (over 1cm). Comes with a 10 blade included, with other blade lengths and comb attachments available separately for coat lengths up to 3cm. Fits standard blades by Wahl, Andis, Oster, Heiniger, Geib, Laube & more. 650 grams. 4.2 metre cord. Carry case measures 24cm W  x 26cm H x 8cm D.

Rated for most dog breeds & coat types. Upgrade to the Wahl KM5 if your dog has a difficult or matted coat, or you want a quieter, lighter or more powerful clipper. The KM2 is also rated for trimming horse fetlocks, muzzles, ears, bridle paths. For full body horse clipping upgrade to the KM5. Clipper made in Germany, blades made in USA. If you're unsure if this clipper is the right match for your dog's coat type or condition, always contact us before you buy

Clipper comes with small Wahl clipper oil, however blades must be oiled before, during and after use (only store a cleaned, oiled blade), so purchase of full size blade oil highly recommended. 

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RRP: $432.00

Special Price $235.62

About Wahl KM2 Clipper with Carry Case

Got a question? Check our blade & clipper FAQ's 

Weight 650gm
Length 200mm
Voltage 220-240v
Wattage 45 watt 
RPM 2,400 - 3,000

Fan cooled rotary motor.

1 year NZ warranty

Please read the Clipper Operating Instructions included in the box

For home users: Consult a professional for which blades ideal for different body areas, or check our breed blade guide for your breed (or closest match), or use comb attachments for longer coat lengths which fit on your blade. For non-professional groomers we recommend the following steps for successful grooming:

Step 1: Brush & wash first. Always brush out mats & knots before bathing. Shampoo and condition, then rinse well to remove all sand, dirt, debris & any uninvited guests! For long, thick, curly or double coats, or for coats prone to knots and tangles, use conditioner as well as shampoo.

Dense / double coats: For coats with a dense undercoat, a deshedder can be used before or after bathing to remove excess undercoat before clipping.

Step 2: Dry: The coat must be completely dry before clipping. Do not clip a wet coat. Towel dry then use a hand held dryer not on hot - or a powerful pet dryer for very fast dry time.

Step 3: Comb. Remove any remaining knots with a slicker, rake or comb before clipping. If a wide toothed comb cannot go through the coat, a comb attachment (clipped on to your blade) won't be able to either. 

Step 4: Clip: If you followed all 3 steps, you're ready to clip. Not brushing, washing, drying and combing before clipping can quickly blunt your blade.

Avoiding blade burn: Oil blades before you clip. Re-oil while clipping for a smooth cut and to reduce blade heat. Touch blade frequently to check heat to avoid blade burn, which can be serious for your pet. When hot, either stop & wait for the blade to cool down, swap for a cool blade, or use blade coolant. Always oil blade again after cleaning, before storage (watch the how to oil video here).

Important: Failure to wash, dry & comb prior to clipping can blunt your blade very quickly, which is not covered by the warranty. Read how to keep blades sharper for longer >

After use - Wipe loose hair and any product build-up from the blade (a smooth towel or old toothbrush is ideal). Use blade cleaner or blade dip, then oil again before storing to prevent rust & corrosion. Store in a cool, dry place. 

Storage - Clipper must be hung up securely by the metal hook provided on the clipper - or laid down with the cord extended. Never bunch, wrap or fold the cord over or around the clipper. Never bend the cord where it connects to the clipper. Incorrect storage can result in external or internal damage to the cord and cause clippers to turn off and on during use, or stop working. Cord damage is not covered by warranty but we can assist with the repair.

See our Clipper and Blade FAQs for more tips for beginners.

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