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Geib Buttercut Size 5 FC Blade - 6mm


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The Geib Buttercut Size 5 Blade leaves the coat 6mm* This is a finish cut (FC) blade. Buttercut blades are made in Florida USA by Geib, using German steel, and have a higher Rockwell hardness rating which means edges stay ultra-sharp for longer. AllGroom is an authorised Geib agent. 

Universal blade > Fits all A5 model clippers by all brands, including clippers by Andis, Wahl, Heiniger, Oster and more. Always check your clipper model before you buy if you are unsure (as blades cannot be returned if you order the wrong one for your clipper). Check the list of A5 clipper models here > first to see what models this blade fits - or contact us to double-check before ordering.

*Read the Instructions tab below before using any blade.

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About Geib Buttercut Size 5 FC Blade - 6mm

Leaves coat 6mm length

Higher Rockwell hardness rating of 70 (the hardest rated blades we stock)

Holds an ultra sharp edge for longer

Compatible with all A5 model clippers by Andis, Wahl, Heiniger, Oster etc.

*Read Instructions tab before use

Select a blade according to the length you want to leave the coat.

The cutting length listed is based on clipping against the natural direction of the coat. Going with the direction the coat grows is recommended unless you are experienced, and will leave the coat a few mm’s longer.

Always keep skin taut when clipping dogs and cats. Use only F or FC blades unless trained / experienced. F or FC stands for Finish Cut. All blades #10 and shorter are always F / FC. Blades longer than a #10 (eg: #5 #7 #3) come in both F / FC or skip tooth. 

Choose carefully as blades cannot be refunded or exchanged due to ordering the wrong one in error.

Never use skip tooth blades on cats. Use the Andis Cat Blades for cats and rabbits

Always oil blades before and during use. Clean, then oil again before storing. Do not over oil. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off excess oil.

How and where to oil a blade >

Blade burn can be serious for the animal being clipped. Blades will get hot about every 5 to 20 minutes depending on your clipper speed, coat type, coat prep and condition. Use clippers on the lowest speed to keep blades cooler longer. Touch the blade at least every 10 minutes to check the temperature.

When a blade gets hot > Spray a coolant such as Blade Care. If you do not have a coolant, stop clipping. Swap for a cool blade (remember to oil the new blade before use), or put your clipper down to let the blade cool, add a drop of oil then start again once cool. Shop blade coolants >

Cleaning > Spray the blade or immerse it - while clipper is running - in a shallow container of clipper oil or blade cleaner like Blade Care. Run for a few seconds to loosen stuck hair. Never let the clipper housing get wet. After cleaning, turn clipper off. Remove blade. Dry with clean, dry cloth. Push smaller blade left and right with your thumb to check and remove any missed hair, taking care not to push blades too far to avoid them completely separating. 

How to remove a blade for cleaning >

Once dry, oil the blade again before you store it (wipe off excess oil). Not oiling a stored blade can cause the blade to rust.

Regularly check for broken or chipped blades or teeth. Never use a damaged blade to prevent injury to animal being clipped.

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