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There's SO much to learn when you're new to grooming dogs, horses or cats. This is the place to get help with choosing the right products. Clippers to trimmers, blades to comb attachments, shampoo, dryers and scissors. We know it can be overwhelming if you're new to the industry. You've come to the right place...

Product Questions

Guide for help choosing Clippers & Trimmers > (or use the breed guides below)

Answers to the most common questions about Blades >

Use the Scissor FAQs > to help choose.

Need a wet dog dry fast? Use the Dryer FAQs > 

Help with choosing grooming Combs >

Breed Guides

Our range of detailed breed guides is being added to constantly. Here are the most popular ones >

Poodle Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

Bichon Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

'Oodle Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide > (Labradoodle, Spoodle, Cavoodle etc)

Maltese Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

Schnauzer Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

Shih Tzu Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

Cat Grooming, Clipper & Blade Guide >

General guide to choosing Clippers & Trimmers > (rated for all breeds)

Shampoo Selector

As NZ's shampoo specialists we have a HUGE range. Use the Shampoo Selector > to help you choose by breed, coat type and condition.

Step by Step How to Groom 

We have a superb range of books (below) that teach you how to groom a dog step by step with illustrations and photos galore. If you're just starting out and wanting to achieve pet trims at home, then check out The Theory of 5 first. 

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