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4 Steps to Successful Grooming

View our grooming guide which illustrates which blade is ideal for different body areas. Before you buy, check our Clipper and Blade FAQs

For non-professional groomers we recommend the following 4 steps to successful grooming:



Step 1 - Wash

 Wash and condition thoroughly to remove all dirt, sand, dust & uninvited guests. Remove bad tangles or mats before washing.



Step 2 - Dry

Towel dry then use a pet dryer - never on hot - the coat must be completely dry before clipping.




Step 3 - Brush

Slicker or rake, remove knots prior to clipping. A comb should be able to go through the coat without snagging.



Step 4 - Clip

Having followed the previous steps, you're ready to clip. Always oil the blade to help it cut smoothly and reduce heat generation.


After use - wipe the blade so it's free of hair and oil with Andis Clipper Blade Oil

Failure to wash, dry & comb prior to clipping will void a clipper's warranty.