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Follow these tips to help you
achieve the perfect groom!



Brush, comb, wash and dry the coat for best clipping results.



Check your pet's coat with a comb after brushing to make sure all the tangles are out.



Trim and grind your pet's nails after the bath. The nails are softer and make it easier to work with.



Bump up the speed on your multi-speed clippers to reduce track lines and get a better a finish.


Always apply a coolant or blade oil periodically DURING clipping (approx. every 8-10 minutes during clipping) to prevent the blade from getting too hot.


Get a grooming book for your breed from local bookstore or library. They also have grooming books for mixed breeds. Alternatively, YouTube is a great resource.



Groom a mixed breed as close to the breed as it resembles for optimum good looks.



When brushing your pet, mist the coat with a diluted cream rinse solution to reduce static electricity.


Before you start clipping make sure you oil the blade on both metal runners. Let the blade run for 10 seconds and then wipe off excess with paper towel.



Oil is your best friend. It is much better to use a little, more often, then a lot at once.