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Econo–Groom® 50:1 Dilution Ratio

Research into Econo–Groom® and a 50:1 dilution ratio.

Over the years we have had request where groomers wanted us to supply a 50:1 dilution ratio in the Bio Groom® range. This set us wondering why the stated dilution ratio for Econo-Goom® was only 16:1 compared to Double K Ultimate® shampoo at 50:1, so we asked Bio Groom’s laboratory in Texas to look into this for us. 

What they discovered after extensive testing is that the concentration of the active ingredients in the Double K®  shampoo is identical to the concentration found in the Bio-Groom Econo-Groom®. We then went further and queried why the difference in ratio – we were told  “it depends how you use it” .

If you are hand washing and you require a rich foaming shampoo, the required concentration needs to be at a ratio of 15:1;  whereas if you are using a power cleanser, such as a hydrobath or similar where the water used is under pressure or power agitated and not by hand,  then the amount of shampoo you need to use for either brand is exactly the same - 50:1.  We then asked why this was not advertised on their bottles. Bio- Groom®, being the conservative company it is, said that they will only advise dilution under hand-washing conditions for all of their shampoos.

Actual feedback locally
We have received feedback from professional groomers that local testing using Econo-Groom® alongside Double K Ultimate®  showed identical results – with the comment coming back that Bio-Groom Econo-Groom® was actually preferred.

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